Sophie Series - The story behind the story of Sophie


I’m so looking forward to Ottawa Book Expo. Even the most introverted of writers, like me, love to meet people and talk about books and writing. I recently published my eighth novel which will be featured at Expo. It is a spin off from The Sackville Hotel Trilogy. I like to weave my stories through continents, mainly North America and the U.K. with a hint of Europe. Then I discovered I was taking favourite characters and weaving their stories between books. Sophie Romano is a friend of Anna’s (the protagonist in The Blue Pendant), who leaves the Sackville Hotel to become a nurse in WW1. Sophie is the protagonist in Prelude to Sophie’s War the first in a new series. Sophie’s story begins in Italy in the novella Ruins in Silk, which was written as a prequel to The Blue Pendant and is the story of young Sophie’s privileged but ultimately tragic life prior to working at the Sackville Hotel. I’ll tell you a secret, Sophie is one of my favourite characters; she’s strong, maybe even hard headed, she struggles with a troubled past but has great empathy for her war wounded Patients both military and civilian. She is determined and courageous, just like Anna. I love writing about strong women whether its 1910 or 2019. To get this book

Synopsis - 1915, London cowers under bomb attacks from German Zeppelins. Innocent, terrified Londoners join shell-shocked, battle-weary soldiers at Bartley Hospital. Nurse Sophie Romano battles her own demons as she comforts others, risking her nursing career and losing the man she loves.