The Blue Pendant - The story behind the story


The Blue Pendant (Book 1 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy) was my first novel and happened entirely by chance. I was one of those people who frequently said 'I want to write a book.' I had written a memoir, but a full length novel seemed out of my league. Two things happened to changed my mind. First, my mother told me my grandmother's story, one of two loves, her quest for independence and her emigration to Canada; not any easy feat in Edwardian Britain. Second, a writing professor  encouraged me to write short stories, a quick introduction to fiction, because I was a good storyteller. 

I suggested writing my grandmother's story. She laughed, advising me the idea was great but that it was a novel not a short story. The Blue Pendant turned into a 534 page book and I still wasn't finished. A sequel of 400 pages followed quickly behind and it became a trilogy another 400 pages later. The first book was based on my grandmother's story but then the fictional characters took over the next two book. anyone had told me I would become a novelist, I would have said they were crazy, but something about my Grandmother faith in me makes me think she knew something that I did not. 

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