Ottawa Book Expo to Expose Best-sellers


The Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is the essential expo that attracts awesome authors, eaters, and entrepreneurs all to one place. There’s no way to read around it. If you write, publish, eat, read, explore, think, investigate or just cogitate don’t hesitate to register for the excitement at the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 today. The core purpose of the event is to promote authors, writers, and publishers by exposing their talents and works of art to a wider audience.

It’ll be held at the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Parkin Ottawa on June 7 and July 24-26, beginning at 10 AM. The reason it skips several weeks is to give the Americans time to catch up with us Canadians, and then the real fun begins. We even give them 3 extra hours before closing on July 24 to read the back cover of the singlebook they had just bought.

Don’t miss out

Why should YOU be there? Because much of Canada’s literati— people who love literature, love to write, love Canadians and can’t resist Canadian barbeque— are sure to be there. But don’t forget the poets, sci-fi enthusiasts, novelists, publishers, self-publishers, exhibitors, explorers, and entrepreneurs! They’ll be there, too.

This year, the sponsors are making it easier to pre-register for your very own booth or exhibit space. Just go here to sign up and get ahead of the Americans. Remember, they’ll do anything to escape to Canada.

What to expect

The Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is organised along the lines of a Community Fair that mixes urban business opportunities with a social marketing atmosphere. This allows small and large groups to exchange ideas, methods, writing styles and techniques.

Events will include outdoor attractions, fun things to do and see, and lots of fun for the whole family. The main stage will serve as the heartbeat of most events and information.

Exciting attractions will be complemented by quiet spaces to curl up with your newly-purchased book. You can also use them to prepare for your Book Reading presentation to agents in the publishing industry who will be eager to find new talent.

At the Expo, you will meet old friends and greet many new friends.You can find help with writing your first book or revamping the one you never quite finished. There will be tips on scribbling your novella or composing your blockbuster screenplay.

I will proffer that you can even present the best excerpts of your unpublished memoir to a captivated audience and launch a new career. Alternatively, if you feel generous, consider helping others to write the book of their dreams; compare notes with novice writers and offer constructive criticism, or edit another’s manuscript.

In short, the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 will be a potpourri of fun, frolic, networking, and sharing of ideas, business opportunities, exploring entrepreneurship — online, offline, in-person and, yes, ye olde-fashioned way: face-to-face.

You are sure to walk among heralded best-selling authors and top publishers. Sign-up for a consultation with a representative from if you need help with your own book. They provide an alternative to Kindle Direct Publishing.

Finally, you are encouraged to grasp the nuances of current online marketing tips from Internet gurus who are enjoying early retirement after financial success as an author. To get a bird’s eye view of the overall June-July event, visit the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 website.

Believe me, the authors and publishers who are “in the know”, know: There is no other place that you can get these many benefits at a single event. Be right there or be left out!

How to get involved?

Start by buying your ticket early. Today. Buy another ticket for your family and friends. And buy one more for your frenemy. That’s because we Canadians are so nice.

Why not consider the following “power” option?Become a vendor or exhibitor. Currently, there are more than 20 vendor and booth options available, and they don’t just include narrow book-related categories.

Booth options range from graphic design companies; multi-retail outlet booksellers; small print shops; large printers; independent booksellers; artists; literary service providers; corporate entrepreneurs; innovators; major media organizations; food vendors of every cuisine (especially Canadian barbeque); artisans, and “other”.

Visit the Ottawa Book Expo Exhibitor page and complete the Exhibitor Profile and Application forms. It’s quick and easy. I did mine in less than 5 minutes.

There doesn’t appear to be an exact floor plan for the 2020 eventyet, but you can visit the one set up for the 2019 Hall of Exhibitors to get a good idea of what things may look like in June and July.

Finally, don’t just settle for being a top exhibitor at the Ottawa Book Expo 2020.You can also be a proud sponsor of the revered and reputable Family Fair and entrepreneurial gathering.

Sponsors have included WPBS Digital TV, Ottawa Independent Writers, The Spirit of Ottawa - 95.7 ELMNT FM Ottawa; the Code NGO whose poetic theme is when you learn to read and write, you can be and do anything you like. TheSmoQue Shack Barbecue aficionados have also signed up.

Don’t be left behind. Board the sponsorship train today and take advantage of the many benefits of serving our celebrated community.


I’ll be there touting my latest tome. You can probably find me at the “other” booth. I hope to see you at the greatest book and author promoting extravaganza north of any border. The Ottawa Book Expo 2020 promises to be the premier book event of the year.