Authors Seeking Professional Services get Hook-Me-Up Service


An author’s success is hugely determined by the team that surrounds them. For traditionally published authors, this isn’t a big issue. Self-published authors, however, face the dilemma of finding truly competent experts that will help make their work look as good as possible. Luckily, Agora Publishing’s Peter Tremblay has organized a “Hook Me Up” service for authors who need help with their work.

Self-published books find little to no success in the industry. This is mostly because authors choose to go without the rigorous editing process and hiring a professional cover designer. It isn’t particularly bad to not hire a professional to do the job. The problem is that you risk your book’s quality. No reader wants to purchase or read mediocre work.

However, in a world filled with thousands of “experts” in the field, aspiring self-published authors are having trouble finding truly reliable professionals. Luckily, Agora Publishing has organized a “Hook-Me-Up” service for aspiring self-published authors.

The service conveniently allows writers to reach out and gain access to a multitude of tried and true professionals in the field of self-publishing. If you’re concerned about credentials, consider this: Agora is a non-profit self-publishing company run by an already established author whose only goal is to keep the literary community alive and thriving.

The service, headed by Peter Tremblay—a book publisher and an established author, is geared toward aspiring authors who are passionate about succeeding in the industry. Tremblay has twenty years of experience in the literary industry and is now seeking to help aspiring self-published authors who hope to produce a high quality and successful book.

The service is geared toward serious authors with completed manuscripts or those who have already self-published yet seek to improve their previous work.

Interested authors will have access to graphic design and illustration services. This covers areas beyond designing your book cover. Agora will connect you with a professional that can design your website, provide graphics you may need in promoting your work, and illustrate design elements you wish to use in your book.

In addition to that, writers will also be connected with professionals who are experts in literary marketing. This includes social media and search engine marketing and extends to press releases and gathering reviews for promotion prior to your book’s publication date.

The above mentioned are only some of the professional services within your reach. Tremblay’s experience in the industry has allowed him to amass multiple contacts that are proven to be highly reliable and will significantly add value to your work.

The service also offers resources for authors who have already published their work and seek to improve upon it. General literary overhauls and content evaluation are only two of the services that Agora will give you access to.
You might be wondering how you can gain access to this convenient service.

Peter Tremblay has made it incredibly easy to avail of the service. Interested authors can send Agora an email detailing the service or services needed and in turn, you will receive a sample of what the team can do for you if possible along with a quote entailing the rate for their services.

The self-publishing industry is riddled with odds that are stacked against you. Perhaps one of the most notorious problems with the industry is that it is filled with companies that simply do not care about your success.

Most self-publishing companies like Amazon and it’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform employs the use of chatbots to converse with aspiring authors. This is not only highly ineffective, but it showcases how little most of these literary giants think about the needs of their authors.

Unlike most self-publishing companies, Agora is a non-profit organization. Its services extend to helping the literary community and uplifting authors to inspire them to continue to add value to the community. Instead of chatbots, the organization focuses on the community and its needs so you can rest assured knowing that your work is in good hands.

Self-published authors are faced with the horrible reality that very little of self-published work is a valuable asset to society. Most self-published books are sub-par and will have little to no chance of finding success. Do not let yourself and your work become a part of the statistical majority.