Ottawa Book Expo and AirBnB Team-Up on Great Canadian BBQ in June 2020


The Ottawa Book Expo and AirBnb have teamed up to create the ultimate Ottawa Book Expo experience for Ottawa newcomers. The AirBnb hosting will include a variety of fun activities and delicious food.

The AirBnb hosting will be split up into four events that include an exclusive Great Canadian Barbecue lunch and mixer, a personalized tour of the Ottawa Book Expo, basic informational guidelines for tourists who wish to explore the city further and an authentic Mexican-Canadian dinner for all visitors.

The hosting begins with an exclusive mix and mingle mixer organized specifically for Ottawa visitors. A group of Ottawa residents will also participate in a similar mixer with both groups eventually mixed together organically for the ultimate social experience.

The mixer event will be held during the Great Canadian Barbecue and will introduce all attendees to authentic Canadian cuisine. The mixer event aims to bring together visitors and Ottawa locals to solidify friendships, connections and possibly improve the tourism of Ottawa.

The Great Canadian Barbecue will be providing several lunch items to satiate the visitor’s hunger for authentic Canadian food. The event promises to not only be physically fulfilling, but socially and mentally satiating as well.

Some of the menu items to be served at the Great Canadian Barbecue include jerk chicken egg rolls, pulled pork sliders, cornbread with jalapeno cheddar butter, two bones of pork ribs, mini mac and cheeses, brisket on a crustini with horseradish mayonnaise and a variety of tapas-style barbecue items.

Overall, visitors should expect the beginning of the festivities to be a highly entertaining and fulfilling event. This is thanks to the host’s fifteen years of experience regarding social networking and culinary event coordination on Meetup.

The festivities and merry making will continue at the Ottawa Book Expo. Small groups of visitors and residents will be taken into the Expo at a time for a personalized tour catered specifically to meet the group’s needs and maximize the exposure of authors and entrepreneurs.

Once the festivities are over, visitors will be given the chance to explore the city as they see fit. The host will be answering questions any visitors may have regarding recommended activities and places in Ottawa for the benefit of the visitors.

Visitors can rest assured that they will enjoy the full Ottawa experience thanks to the host’s media experience and thirty years of residency in Ottawa.

When the day ends, the host will be hosting a delicious Mexican-Canadian dinner event complete with authentic Mexican street food. The event will be held at a local restaurant and is not mandatory. Nonetheless, the closer event is something you cannot miss. Truly, the Mexican-Canadian dinner event will be the perfect closing event to a truly wonderful day of social and intellectual fulfilment.

The Ottawa Book Expo is expected to become one of the biggest literary expos in Canada. Over 300 vendors are expected to make an attendance and that includes authors, publishers, artists and innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world; not to mention the many local restaurants that are eager to showcase their culinary masterpieces.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate unplugged experience this 2020 and delve into a world of innovations and multicultural diversity. There are several attractions and chances to create bonds with people from across the world.

Publishing companies like Agora Publishing will also be making an appearance. The Expo hopes to expose aspiring authors to the possibility of self-publishing their work and pursuing their dreams for literary success.

The Great Canadian Barbecue on the other hand, was born from the Ottawa Book Expo’s collaboration with Smoque Shack. Both events are expected to be truly revolutionary with the Great Canadian Barbecue expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism to Ottawa. Several eager talented chefs, restaurateurs and foodies are excited to welcome new food opportunities in Ottawa.

The festivities and the hosting will allow visitors and residents to find ways to stay connected and will hopefully improve the tourism and literary community’s vitality.

Thanks to AirBnb and the Ottawa Book Expo’s collaboration, Ottawa visitors now have an option that will allow them to maximize their time in Ottawa and the Expo. The ultimate Ottawa Book Expo and Great Canadian Barbecue experience is now more accessible and convenient with a single AirBnb booking.