Discover your path with “The Path, The Awakening Journey of a Teacher”


Desislava Simeonova, a spiritual author, published her first book, The Path, while listening to her heart with the intention to help others discover their own path and connect with the wisdom within. She felt the calling coming from within to share her life story so that more people can discover their uniqueness and true nature and unlock their unlimited potential.

The Path takes you on a journey the moment a person is born. It reveals the different aspects of life such as diet, movement, paying attention to what arises in the body – feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts, mindful living, self-love and care, facing everything that does not serve our divine nature by listening to the voice of the heart and other. The author shares how she was able to overcome her fears, panic attacks and depression and look at them as opportunities to awaken and discover who we truly are, and evolve on her path. Desislava, talks about the Universal Spiritual Laws she discovered through her own experience and by following them she was able to connect with the abundant source within and experience a reality that is in union with the heart – a joyful, peaceful, and abundant life full of appreciation and true happiness. One of the most challenging lessons that she had to learn was forgiveness. She had to learn to be loving and forgiving to herself each time she made a mistake. Instead of focusing on the mistakes, she has chosen to focus on the progress that she has made and continues walking on her path with love and kindness, and trust that everything happens for her best. By understanding herself, she was able to forgive and open her heart for others and look at them as part of herself. She believes that we are all connected and by creating peace within herself she can share it with others so they can live an abundant and joyful life here and now.  

Every person has a unique talent and a special purpose that each one of us needs to discover in order to create what truly makes us happy. We are the creators of everything we experience and by creating joy and peace within we can create the same around. The power is within each one of us. What we choose to feed in us, is what manifests in life. Listen to your heart and create with it. Choose love and be love under all circumstances and the same reflects back at you. By living through the heart, we create peace on our beautiful planet for us and for the future generations. Stay true to the wisdom that comes from within and discover the truth through your own experience. The treasure is in you.


Desislava is looking forward to meeting you at the Ottawa Book Expo on June 7, 2020 and talking with you about her experience writing The Path and Heal Yourself from Within.

Her first book is available on her website as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and her publisher Balboa Press.