You Are the Creator of the Reality You Experience


In “The Path The Awakening Journey оf A Teacher”, Desislava Simeonova shares how she was the creator of all of her experiences. Initially, she denied responsibility and was blaming others for her misfortune and pain.

As a result, she was experiencing discomfort in the body. Until one day she realized, that she was the one who created the suffering and took responsibility for her own actions. She has started spending more time by herself by observing the reality within. She has connected with the abundant source which has enhanced the quality of her life by healing her from within.

Everything that we experience in life comes as a result of our choices. What we choose now, affects what we will attract in the next moment.

We are given free will to create with the heart or to listen to the ego mind. Based on that choice, we experience abundance and love or lack and disappointment.

When you realize that your life is in your hands and you create your own reality, you understand how important is to be present and aligned with the heart. To be able to recognize the voice of the heart and calm the mind are crucial in order to connect with your true nature and shine from within. The key to connecting with the wisdom within is self-love and self-care.

The more we bring our attention inward, the more we discover our true nature and create from a place of love and joy. We understand that how we treat others affect what comes back to us and by being loving with others we experience love as well.

From moment to moment, our reality changes. When we listen to the heart, we create peace and joy for ourselves and others. When we listen to the ego mind, we create suffering for everyone. That is why it is crucial to be able to detach from the thoughts, keep the mind calm and create a reality that is in union with the loving heart.

We are loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving human beings.

By connecting with people on a heart level, we allow their true nature to express.

By focusing on ourselves, we can uplift and elevate the frequency of others and create a different reality that allows our beauty to shine from within and create peace on Earth.

The choice is yours, beautiful souls. You are powerful and you can raise your vibrations by choosing to listen to the heart.

The power is within you. Calm the mind and observe the reality within to better understand what is happening around you. Stay true to your heart and create with it.


Desislava is looking forward to meeting you at the Ottawa Book Expo on June 7, 2020 and talking with you about her experience writing The Path and Heal Yourself from Within.

Her first book is available on her website as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and her publisher Balboa Press.

About the writer:

Desislava Simeonova is the author of the The Path, The Awakening Journey оf a Teacher.